#004 – Reunions, Balance & Good Times

Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 12:20 am


Good Morning Guys,


The clouds went away and it has warmed up to 48 degrees at night and about 70 degrees during the day.  This weekend was really busy and very fulfilling.  This weekend really got me excited.  Friday I went to Salt Lake city with my sister and we went to the very nice Gateway Mall.  Saturday was well overbooked and I had to make some decisions.  I ended up doing service for about three hours in the morning and then I went to the football game.


Riding your bicycle to football games allows you leave later and come back quicker.  Plus you get fantastic parking right next to the stadium.  After the game was fun to relax and enjoy the beautiful day.  Sunday was also pretty busy.  Sunday afternoon we held a 17th Ward Reunion.  The 17th Ward was my church group during my freshman year of college and since most of the guys have returned from their missions we got together and held a potluck.  It was fun to meet with many friends who have been all over the planet and also to meet up with many of the girls who went off and got married and brought their husbands and babies to the reunion.  It was a great gathering.


Then after the reunion we left and went to what is called Ward Prayer.  It is an activity where the ward (my church group) will get together in the lodge (the club house located at our apartment complex) and we will have a spiritual thought, get-to-know-you activity and a prayer.


My classes are going very well at the moment and I don’t want to brag, but I have gotten 100% on my calculus test and quizzes that I have taken.  My other classes are going well also.  I hope to have a successful semester.


I was so full of energy and excitement today.  Everything seems to be finding its balance.  Things have been difficult but some how everything has just worked out.  My classes and work seem to be working out.   I have gotten into a routine and all I am trying to do now is maximize my efficiency   (for those in math or economics, can you can make me an equation?). Things are good.  There are a ton of things that I am going to try to do here in the future.   I am full thanks to my friends and family who have been very helpful and insightful.  I am keeping a very positive attitude and just charging forward like normal.


Two Pictures:


Football – this was taken Saturday at the football game.  I was seated on the 7th row.  The game was fantastic and here are some of our cheerleaders.  BYU sent Utah State home without a single point.




Activity – this was actually the ward prayer.  I shouldn’t be called a party, but it was a good activity to socialize and meet more people.  You can see my roommate Mike talking with a nice girl (Carolyn) in the back of the picture.



Have a great night.  Please keep in touch and hope that my letters are not an annoyance.  Suggestions are appreciated.  Love you guys much and hope talk with you soon.


Farook Khan

#003 – Church, Dating & Snow

Sunday, September 17, 2006, 11:50pm


Hey Guys,


Welcome to Winter.  It is 44 degrees outside as we speak.  It snowed, a little.  But this week was another exciting adventure for me.  School kept me busy as I strive to keep up to date with my homework assignments.  Actually, this is a funny story, all week I have been doing my chemistry homework to find out later that we are NOT supposed to turn our homework in.


Friday night there were a ton of parties that I knew were going on.  We ended up going to a few of them.  Friday afternoon I went walking around my apartment complex meeting people and ended up going to some parties with the people I met.  There was live music playing in the lodge at our complex and then there was “Fall Fest” on campus and then Jenny had a birthday party.  It was really fun to go dancing again.


Saturday we watched BYU football play Boston College.  It was a good game except for BYU’s loss in second overtime.  My roommate Jaime was happy either way because he is an Eagles fan. (He’s from Boston)  Then I spent some more time meeting people and then ended up hiking the “Y” around ten in the evening.  It was fantastic.


Sunday was filled with meetings, planning and much organizing.  For those of you who are familiar with Church leadership, I was just called as the Elders Quorum President.  (please don’t laugh)  It is pretty exciting that I have been giving this leadership position and it should be an exciting year.


This next week is filled with many activities.  Tomorrow we have a ward karaoke party and then Tuesday we are going bowling with some girls, then next weekend I am going on a blind date.  It sounds pretty exciting.  Just a reminder:  I’m not getting married anytime soon.


So that’s the quick rundown for the moment.  There some pictures.


Mount Timpanogos – The mountain was brown, now it is white.  I think it looks much better with snow.



Hiking the Y – Saturday night activity with some cool friends from my ward.


Hiking Y 

Provo Night – The city of Provo from the Y on the mountain.


Provo Night 

Snowing – This is Saturday morning while we were watching the football game on TV.  It started snowing and Jaime and I took this picture.



That’s all I got for now.  Talk with you later.


Farook Khan

#002 – Apartment, Football & Videos

Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 8:00pm


Hey Guys,


This has been a very exciting week for myself.  There are a ton of exciting activities that surround the university.  My class schedule is pretty crazy too:


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday:

8am – Economics

9am – New Testament (not Fridays)

10am – Chemistry

11am – Calculus (meets everyday)


Tuesday is a study and lab day for me and Thursday I have a class for my engineering program.  Following my classes in the morning I head to work.  I am working at the Processing Center in the basement of the ASB Administration building.  Pretty cool stuff.


There was a big barbeque that we went to on Tuesday (of last week) and we used our really nice swimming pool on Wednesday.  I went on a very cool date on Friday night and then Saturday was the football game.  It was fantastic.  There was a Regional Conference for Church on Sunday and we were visited by President Monson, Elder Wirthlin and also later that night by Elder Erying. Last night we went to another party and there was a ton of food, live music and some good times.  Today has yet to unfold.


Something to check out:


Cosmo Films – This is a special mini series that they are making around our mascot.  They are showing a new episode at each home football game.  They have all kinds of cool things on their website including the video and a video blog.  




I thought I had other things to share.  I guess I will do those later.  School is fun and getting better.  I ride my bike everywhere and enjoy it.  I am also including some pictures.  There are thousands that I wish I could share.


Motorcycle – That’s how you can get where you need to go.  We got front row parking at the football game.  No problems with parking for us.



Party – Just a crowd shot at the party we went to last night.



Beard – Picture from the drive out to Utah when I still had my nice beard.



Football – This was at the football game.  Look close, the cheerleaders are doing something really cool.



Roommates – Those are two of my roommate, Mike and then Jaime.  We were walking to that party yesterday and I took a picture of the three of us.



So that’s all the time I have to share at the moment.  There are millions of cool things that I learn every day and things that I like.  My professors are all really good and I will talk with you soon.


Farook Khan

#001 – Mission, Summer & BYU

Monday, September 4, 2006, 5:55pm


Hey Guys, 


Happy Labor Day! If you did not know, this is Farook and I am currently at my apartment in Provo, Utah getting ready for another exciting year at Brigham Young University (BYU).  I got back from the mission in June and spent the summer in Fairfield with my family.  It was a great summer.  We did several “mini” vacations to San Diego, the central coast, the northern “lost” coast and also to Lake Tahoe.  Our family drove out to Utah this last week and got my sister and I moved into our apartments and also managed to enjoy the Swiss days in Midway, Utah.  


Most of my mission was spent in the country of Honduras and Belize.  We managed to visit Guatemala a few times while in Belize.  As missionaries we were able to learn many things about the people and cultures of Central America.  I also took many pictures and short videos that I turned into a film about my mission.  It looks pretty cool in DVD.


My apartment complex is really nice.  It is called King Henry and it is south of campus.  We have a very nice swimming pool, a hot tub that is under construction, large green fields that surround the whole complex, the prettiest girls in the nation and home to four of the coolest guys ever; Mike, Jaime, Bryce and myself.


I hope that all of you get this email and if you don’t want to get these emails just write me.  I hope that you all have a great day and I will try to write again soon.  I will send some good pictures too.


Farook Khan