#009 – Post Halloween Activities


Sunday, November 19, 2006, 10:41 pm


Hey Guys and Gals,


Life is pretty fantastic.  Over the last couple weeks I have taken several midterms, gone on a few dates and managed to keep myself alive.


This weekend we did a “super date.”  It pretty much started on Friday night and ended Sunday night.  Friday we went to Divine Comedy and did some activities after the performance.  Saturday was another great football game.  BYU won the Mountain West Conference.  Our tickets were on the first row right behind the end-zone.  Following the game we came to our apartment and make breakfast for dinner and played games like “uno,” “mao,” and “bigger or better.” We also visited the hot tubs and enjoyed the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  Sunday was full of meetings, but then we went out to eat in the afternoon and enjoy some more games back at our apartment.  Then everyone pretty much went their separate ways.


There are millions of other things going on, but I will have to talk about those some other time.




Coworkers – Andrew & Lindsey are two great friends who I work with at BYU. 



Dating – This was taken Saturday night. Please notice the TV that was received from “bigger or better.” 



Dessert – The girls love us! 



Drinks – More girls that love us!  Not only did they give us the coolest lemonade we have had, they made us a great dinner. 



Elaine – That is the name of my bike.  (Long story)  But she takes me to school and work everyday.  I love her.  She also complements my beautiful tie. 



Football – A great day to play football, especially since we are in the first row!  The only people who got in our way were the cheerleaders. 



Houses – On another one of my dates we went to a gingerbread house competition and this is the BYU vs. U. of Utah gingerbread house. 



Natalie – This is probably the picture you guys were all looking for.  She is Mike’s cousin and we met when I visited Idaho a few weeks ago.  She came down and we dated.  It was fun. And even more fun.



Hope that everyone is getting excited for Thanksgiving break and getting all their plans together.  This year I will be in Utah and it looks like it is going to
be another fantastic break.   Drive safely everyone and enjoy your travels.


Farook Khan