#010 – Thanksgiving, Dating & Snow


Sunday, 3 December 2006, 11:28 pm


Hey Guys & Gals,


Happy Thanksgiving!  I guess that is a little late.  Thanksgiving was really fun.  My mom flew out Utah and we spent it in Midway Utah.  There were at least 50 people at the dinner table on Thursday!  We ate tons of food, played games and enjoyed the time away from school.


This last week was also pretty busy with the snow storm that we had and then the multiple dates I went on.  Where should I start?  Tuesday night I went to see Liz perform with the Philharmonic Orchestra.  It was amazing and then we got some food.  Then Thursday we went to this party at 10pm and I met some cool people there.  It is called Thirsty Thursdays.  It sounds like a drinking party.


Friday I went on a way cool date with Rebekah.  We ate some great food and did some random activities and we visited that “Build-A-Bear” company and made a way cool bear with overalls.  After hanging out with Rebekah, I went with Kristin to the movies.  The movie was very entertaining and I made it home around 3am.


Saturday morning I jumped in our swimming pool to get a free Polar Bear shirt from King Henry.  The pool was only 55 degrees and then we jumped into the hot tub to warm back up.  They also gave us a great breakfast.  After that we made some purchases and got ready for a blind date.  Mike managed to hook us up with twins!  We also managed to get another six couples making 16 people on this group date.  We went to eat and then went to a comedy show on campus.  The acts were pretty good and we then played games at our apartment.  We ended the date with some cookies and ice-cream.


Sunday morning came really quickly as I had meetings to attend and also a lesson to prepare.  Church was great and then we got tickets to go to tonight’s Christmas Devotional in Salt Lake City.  So we came home and basically left.  We had fantastic seats in the Conference Center and enjoyed a wonderful devotional with beautiful Christmas music and the spoken word.  We came home and have pretty much enjoyed the evening.  


There are always the minor excitements during the week that I don’t normally talk about, like walking in on friends making out, or (basically) failing a midterm test.  All those things get forgotten in the long run anyway.


So now for the PICTURES:


Heber –  A great picture from the Gordon Residence looking towards the city of Heber. 




Midway – Another great picture from the same home but looking towards the mountains to the north.  Basically this is what Heaven should look like. 

Thanksgiving: A small group of us kids sitting at the table waiting for our turn to get some delicious food. 



Snow – Right after thanksgiving a snow storm hit and this is my everlasting Volvo wagon enduring the elements. 



Liz – This is Liz, you should have seen her before! But this is after her performance. 



Rebekah – This when we went and made Cody Benjamin (our bear) and got him some some little overalls! 



Polar Bear – That is me swimming, mike and I were the first guys in the pool and the first ones out!  This is me swimming with my coke can that I got from the botto
m of the pool to win. 


Polar Bear 

Karli – This is my twin, Karli.  We had a great date also.  She is from Idaho and has already graduated from college. 



Kristi & Karli – These are the twin sisters.  Mike, my roommate took Kristi.  It was definitely a fun time for all of us.


Kristi & Karli 

So those are my pictures for this week.  Remember that I took a few hundred just to get those few right!  Finals are coming up pretty soon and then I will be home for Christmas.  We almost got tickets to got to the Fiesta Bowl in Las Vegas but the tickets sold out.  So, oh well.  We are planning a few more activities, dates and parties for this week.  Along with some serious study time for those finals that are coming up.  Life is going great and hope that you are doing well!  Talk to you guys soon.