#011 – Surviving the New Year


Sunday, 28 January 2007, 10:53 pm


Hey Guys & Gals,


Happy New Year!  I guess that is a little late.  I guess this email is a little late also.  The last time I wrote was back during the first week of December and so many things have happened since December.  Be assured that I will NOT go into explicit details concerning my whereabouts over the last two months! But here are some high lights:


  • Finals went well: I passed all my classes! 

  • California was a warm and pleasant break from Utah  

  • Made some great friends up at the University of Utah  

  • Read some good books over Christmas break  

  • Did some major cleaning at Home: yard work and deep cleaning 

  • Spent well over a quarter tuition on Books for winter semester  

  • Interviewed with some Engineering Firms  

  • My roommate started a VERY SUCCESSFUL business  

  • Got violently sick for over 9 days: flu, fever, & vomiting 

I guess I could go much more in-depth on any of these things but I am getting better from my sickness and hopefully will take this next week and get caught up on everything that I missed.


These pictures were taken sometime in the last two months:


San Francisco:  During Christmas break went into the city.


San Francisco 

Snow: A great picture looking out of my door of my apartment at the snow covered landscape.



Skyline:  Picture that was taken with my humble yet powerful Canon SD 600 of our trip in San Francisco.  There was NO Photoshop work done to this picture.



Mountains:  My apartment complex on a clear but cold day.



Friends:  Two of my great friends, Carolyn and Kristin live across the street from me.  The picture of the “Mountains”

was taken while I was walking to their apartment.



Have a great night and hopefully I will get to expound sometime on the fun activities that have been keeping me very busy.  Later…


Farook Khan