#014 – California Sun


Tuesday, 20 February 2007, 11:06 pm


Hey Guys & Gals,


Happy Presidents’ Day!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I did.  My roommate Mike and I took a road trip to get out of the cold and dreary and get some warmth and sun in California.  It was great.  


We left Friday morning after an extremely busy weekend which included the typical homework assignments, mid-terms and dating.  While in California we were able to visit Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Stinson Beach, Sacramento and all the places in-between.  While in Oakland we visited the LDS Temple and enjoyed the stunning view of the whole Bay Area and then journeyed down to Berkeley where we ran into Heather and watched a great Cal Basketball game verses Oregon State.  Following the game we took the hour drive into San Francisco.  (Anyone familiar with the Bay Area should know that the drive normally takes a few minutes thus there was lots of traffic when we went)  


Sunday morning we went to an LDS Stake Conference. It was really good and then came home and went to Stinson Beach.  It was another fantastic day and the drive was really pretty.  At the beach there was a strong wind but we still had fun.  Sunday night we came home and had dinner with the Flinders and enjoyed the evening and got ready for our drive back.


Monday morning my dad made another amazing breakfast and we hit the road back to Utah.  It was a really pretty drive.  The closer we got to Utah, the colder it got and obvious signs of snow started covering the landscape.  Once in Utah we unloaded the car and seriously, we were not home more than a few minutes before people started coming by and chatting with us and inviting us to different activities.  We ended up hot tubing and Mike watched a movie his special female friend Elise.  (I haven’t spoken to him since last night so things might have improved… Especially since they have been together all night today also)


This Friday I am going up to Boise, Idaho to have my second interview with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.  who specialize in transportation engineering and I am getting very excited about my opportunities for the summer.


Here are some pictures:


Bay Area – This was taken at the LDS Oakland Temple overlooking the San Francisco bay.


Bay Area 

Beach – This is Mike, my roommate, chilling at the beach.



Green Hills – Just a picture of the hills that surround my hometown of Fairfield.  It was really green and pretty this weekend.  All the trees and flowers were blooming and getting ready for spring.


Green Hills 

Palm Tree – Mike loves palm trees and pretty much pointed every single one of them out to me while we were in California.


Palm Tree 

San Francisco – A great picture taken at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.  We walked around the area and ended up eating at an Italian restaurant.


San Francisco 

Sierras – Just a picture of the Sierras as were were driving into California.



Everything is going really well for me at the moment.  I have great friends and
a great family.  There are many things that I am working on and keeping me busy.  I hope that everyone is having a great time and hopefully enjoying life.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.



#013 – Happy Valentines Day


Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 10:15 am


Hey Guys & Gals,


Happy Valentines Day!  Things have warmed up here in Utah.  It is quite nice outside and I have started riding my bike to school everyday.  This week I have a few test and some interviews for internships but I am looking forward to the weekend.


I am coming to California!  We are leaving Thursday night or early Friday morning.  My roommate Mike and I are driving out to enjoy the weekend.  We will then come back Monday.  It will be fun.  I hope to go into Oakland and visit the Temple and then maybe get some food at Zackary’s in Berkeley and then enjoy the sights of San Francisco.


It will be fun.  If you want to hang out, let me know!  I should get back to paying attention to my Chemistry lecture.  Later,



#012 – Therapeutic Recreation

Sunday, 4 February 2007, 9:55 pm


Hey Friends,


I have returned to good health once again.  Minus the minor “post-flu” cough that I have.  But to aid me in my recovery I have discovered “therapeutic recreation.”  This is a major offered at BYU for those of you who would like to study it further.


My schedule has been basically dedicated to making up homework and preparing for the many mid-terms that I have had.  Surprisingly I missed a week of school and still managed to pull an 82% on my chemistry test and I am still waiting on the results of my calculus and engineering tests.


The highlight of last week would definitely be the Fray concert that I took my sister to for her birthday (which happens to be tomorrow).  My roommate Mike also took his little sister and we had a big brothers and little sisters activity.


This weekend we had stake conference and I was able to attend several meetings with Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Quorum of the Seventy and President Lamb, the Provo Temple President.  It was a great conference.


Here are some pictures that I have taken.  Due to the fact that I take picture everywhere that I go, I have decided to “document” Mike’s life for him.  (Just because it is easier to take picture of other people and not so easy to include myself.)


Bowling – Mike’s Love-is-Blind Activity was a blast.  We went bowling.



Concert – Farook, Yasmin, Cole (my apartment-mate), Mike (my roommate), & Lana (Mike’s sister) at the Fray concert.


Dinner – Monday night is great.  We have Family Home Evening (FHE) and the girls made breakfast for us. The couple hugging are engaged and Scott will be leaving for Iraq in a few weeks.



Fashion – Mike’s “personal designer” preparing him for the 80’s roller skating activity.



The Fray – Just a picture from the concert.


The Fray 

Yasmin & Date – This is at Love-is-Blind activity.  My sister and her date. I think he plays football for the U. of Utah.


Yasmin & Date 

That is all I have for the moment.  The Super Bowl was good.  My roommates are doing very well and keep me well entertained and occupied.  Mike is constantly dating and always inviting me to join him, for example he went on four dates on Saturday.  Yes I said four… One in the morning then one in the early afternoon, then the later afternoon leaving one more for the later evening.


I have been approved to work 25 hours starting next week.  I also have some more interviews with engineering firms to see if I can work for them over the summer.  Chat with you later.