#016 – Springtime Travels


Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 11:47 pm


Welcome to Spring!  It was rather spring like in Utah until today when a cold front moved in and dumped some rain and snow.  The last three weeks have been rather exciting for me.  School work and midterms and been tossed into the mix of dating and socializing and lets not forget the many traveling adventures.


Three weeks ago was spent in sunny San Diego with my friends and family celebrating Carlos’ graduation from the Marine boot camp.  It was a fun four day trip to southern California.  We definitely had fun enjoying the sights and warmth of California.


The next week was very exciting as I spent time with friends from freshman year and going on several dates.  I saw a few movies and ate some good food.  I played water polo for about two hours on Saturday and continued to swim during the week.  


Last weekend was spent in eastern Utah enjoying Moab.  We camped down near the Colorado river and hiked over ten miles through Arches National Park.  We got to see some pretty amazing landscapes and was able to enjoy the break away from school.


I have been dating some different people and having a great time.  For some reason I keep dating girls from the University of Utah.  Other than that… I continue to be single and basically not interested in changing that.


Here are some pictures that I have taken over the last few weeks.  I am looking into different options to better show off my pictures and stories.  Any suggestions would be nice.  I have a few websites and a blog that I created but they are not public yet.


Beauty – Arches National Park, Pioneer Trail



Colorado River – Although you cannot exactly see the river in this picture, it is there behind the bushes.  This the small drive that we took along the river to make it to our camp site at Big Bend.


Colorado River 

Delicate Arch – Utah’s famous arch.  If you have seen a Utah license plate, you have seen this arch.


Delicate Arch 

Graduation – This was taken after lunch the day Carlos graduated from the Marine boot camp.



Group – Pretty un-imaginative title, but this is in Arches National Park and it was the six of us that went camping.



Landscape Arch – Another one of the world’s most famous arches.


Landscape Arch 

Midway – Another exciting date.  We went to Midway and cooked hot dogs and enjoyed the fire.



Sydney – She was my “date” on the camping trip.  We had a great time.



Valley – Just another shot from Arches National Park, actually looking towards Canyon Lands National Park.  If you didn’t think it was pretty, I would hope that this shot might change your mind. I was standing well over 40 feet above the ground to take this shot.



Once again I apologize for the long email and all the pictures.  But I know you like to look at them so I take back my apology.  This week I have four midterms and then we start finals in like three more weeks.  Have a great week.



#015 – Midterms & Traveling


Sunday, 4 March 2007, 11:25 pm


Hello Friends!


Happy March!  The last two weeks have been very busy like normal.  Last weekend I went to Boise, Idaho for a job interview I had with Kittelson & Associates and it was a fantastic meeting.  I spent over four hours with them and actually was interviewed by the CEO for over an hour.  It was very exciting to meet with the engineers and owner of the company and get a feel for what they do.  My roommate Mike and I went to his place and enjoyed the weekend in Idaho.


Came home and realized I was still in school and that included all the homework assignments and testing.  This week was busy.  School and work took a majority of my time but I also managed to visit with some friends and relax a little.  The BYU vs. Utah basketball game was really fun to watch.


This coming week will be busy. Tomorrow (Monday) I have a calculus test, Tuesday an engineering test, and Thursday I have a chemistry test.  Then Thursday night I fly to Southern California!


Here are some pictures:


Mountains – I cannot seem to get enough of the mountains that dominate our little valley.  They are very pretty and this is a shot that I took walking out of the library Saturday afternoon before the basketball game.  (For those who didn’t know, I am addicted to spending hours studying and doing homework, and that includes Saturdays and Sundays).



Resting – This was taken about 3 am after I was done cleaning the kitchen of our apartment.  We have white floors, white counter tops and white appliances!




Party – What would the week be like with out a party or two?  Umm, yes that is three girls to every guy.  I am not a player, but if you look at the two guys in the picture, Mike and Cody… The girls run after them!


Basketball – This was taken Saturday after BYU won the MWC Title.  It was a good game it is always exciting to watch your school destroy the rivals!



I hope that everyone is doing well and having a good time where they maybe.  Hope to talk to all very soon.  Enjoy the warming weather!