#020 – iPhone Revolution


Sunday, 8 July 2007, 9:58pm


Happy Fourth of July!  The last couple of weeks have been really exciting.  I guess I will keep it short, but between barbecuing anything and everything, going to gym, traveling around and working my typical 70 plus hours a week, I managed to get my hands on the sexiest thing on the planet… the iPhone!


The iPhone is so amazing and fun to use.  Apple definitely is setting the standard once again.  The touch screen interface and the overall performance of the device is heavenly.  Hopefully you’ll be able to play with one for yourself soon.


Last weekend was spent up in Park City enjoying the cooler temperatures and the beauty of the mountains.  I got to go to the farmer’s market and walk around Main street.  We also got to eat at the Stein Erikson Resort and a way nice Italian restaurant called Ghidotti’s.


The weekend before we went to the Utah Arts Festival and there was some great music, dancing and arts.  I am excited to go to the Park City Arts Festival in a few weeks.


Here are some quick pictures:


iPhone – This is me with my brand new iPhone.  Sexy… sexy.




Park City – The mountains are still green and it was a great weekend.   During the summer you can take your mountain bike up the ski lift and ride your bike down the mountain.


Park City


Salmon – The barbecue has replaced the dog as mans best friend.  Food is so good!




The summer is still young and there is many things to do!  Hope the week goes well and we’ll talk soon.