#021 – Toyota Tacoma

Tuesday, 7 August 2007, 2:08am 

Hot August Nights just got HOTTER!  I am going to make this short and simple.  I bought a new Toyota Tacoma.

Basic Stats:

– Six cylinder

– Double cab- 4×4- 6” inch lift kit- Monster Chrome Wheels- Sport Package- Mean sounding exhaust- Black color

There are a ton of other things that it has, like a power outlet in the truck bed if I wanted to plug in a power tool or maybe even a television while I am out roughing it in the back country.

Just take a look at the pictures… The truck speaks for itself.  Basically, it is sex on wheels.

Short story… I flew home for the weekend.  Arrived in San Francisco on Friday and I was supposed to fly back to Utah on Sunday.  I got the truck and had to cancel my flight.  But, what is $50 bucks compared to a new truck.  I wasn’t expecting to drive home with a new truck, but it happened..

It is sooooooooo pretty.  I am in love.