#023 – Winter Fun

Sunday, 27 January 2008, 11:13 pm


Winter Fun!  The last few weeks have been really exciting.  After waiting a few weeks I finally got my new digital camera… the Nikon D300.  I also got a beautiful wide-angle lens so that I can take the most spectacular photographs ever.  This weekend was stunning and I was able to make it up into the mountains to take some pictures.


That wasn’t the only thing I was working on this weekend however, I also managed to get my new company registered.  I am now the proud owner of Khan & Associates LLC.  I also go to enjoy the fine food from my own kitchen.  I included a picture of tonight’s special.  Penne pasta with a special oven baked vegetable sause.


Oh, I forgot… I am still in school and having fun.  My engineering classes are getting really interesting now that we are learning about real-world applications.  Math still kicks my trash but my gym class balances it out.


Big storm coming in tonight… makes for some great pictures.  Those will be coming soon.  Have a great night and a great week!








Nikon Camera


Nikon D300 



#022 – Happy New Year

Sunday, 6 January 2008, 3:45 pm


Happy New Year!  It is has been some time since I sent out one of these emails.  Life has been really great and I am getting ready to start another exciting semester at BYU tomorrow.  Some highlight from this last semester of school included becoming a resident of the state of Utah and purchasing a remote start system for my truck.  It is really nice because I can start my truck from about a mile away and by the time I am ready to drive off, it is already warmed up and ready to go.


I have taken up snow shoeing and that has been a blast.  The nearest mountain trail is about ten minutes from my house.  My roommate has a 5 month old yellow lab who loves the snow and it has been fun.  Christmas and New Years were pretty tame this year as I spent it in Salt Lake with from friends.  Other than that, life continues onward.




New Years Dinner – I made my dad’s special pasta primavera and it was by far the best pasta that any of my friends had ever tasted. I cooked with shrimp, chicken, vegetables and some unique spices to give a great flavor. (Thanks Dad)




Snow Shoeing – This is my roommate Charlie from Salt Lake and I snow shoeing in Mill Creek Canyon.  It is very beautiful.


 Snow Shoeing 


Toyota Tacoma:  This is my baby. I don’t know how I ever survived living in Utah without a great truck. I have spent a few extra bucks doing some after market upgrades.


 Toyota Truck


Snowy Day – This is outside my place and the tree looks beautiful.  Winter isn’t all that bad.  Pretty days like this make it worth it.


Snowy Day



There are many more pictures and I will eventually find a way a to present them.  I am looking forwarded to purchasing a professional grade camera so I can take even more stunning pictures.


Happy New Year!


Farook Khan


P.S.  I am using a new email program… if I am using the wrong email address, let me know.