#024 – Photography

Sunday, 2 March 2008, 5:35 pm


Photography! I have been having some fun over the last few weeks with the new Nikon D300. There always seems to be something that I want to capture with a picture.  Each time I do that, I come home with about five-hundred new images to look over.  With a little more money I should be able to buy a few more lenses and combine that with some more time I will be unstoppable.


The last few weeks have been busy with school, work and playing. We are half way through the semester with upcoming midterms next week. My engineering classes are going really well along with a fun english class that I am taking. A few weeks ago I got a promotion at work. My new position has placed me with a very specialized team and they gave me some some great projects to work on. The change of pace in work has been a delight.


I also want to invite you to check out a website that I have created.  The website is at:




This website has actually been around for over a year, but I finally put it all together. Take a moment to check out the website. I have included my blog and also a fantastic photography section.  I am planning on updating it with many more pictures soon. Feel free to give me any feed back.


Here are some pictures:


Farook – This is a portrait.  You might not think very much of the picture, but I had a great time with it.  It is one of the first pictures I took with the new camera and also one of the pictures that I was able to edit a little using Apple Aperture 2.0.  I also was working with a brand new flash that I bought for the camera and it is amazing what the camera can do.




Bird – This is actually a picture I took about an hour ago. These birds were outside my window.  I thought it would be fun to capture the birds that are out enjoying the pretty Sunday afternoon.  Never before have I been able to take pictures like this.




Jake – Some of you have asked about my dog. This is Jake.  He is about six months old and full of energy. Jake is actually my roommates dog, but since Jake is at the house, we all clam ownership, except when it comes to cleaning up the crap.




Winter – This is just another picture I had some fun composing.  I went out toward Utah lake to take this picture. It was taken on one of the first clear days we’ve had this year.


Winter at Utah Lake


Snow – Another picture I took while I was up in the mountains. I like how the wind was blowing the snow and the sun was hitting it just right.


Snow in the Mountains


Dessert – What would all this work be worth with out a little break. This is probably one of the best banana splits I have ever had. Please observe the deliciousness.


Sunday Dessert


That pretty much covers what I have be doing for the last few weeks.  At least the interesting parts.  Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods! Talk to you soon.


Farook Khan