#028 – Zion National Park

Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 10:55 am


Zion National Park! After leaving Vegas, we drove to St. George and made our way to Zion National Park. The weather was amazing and we were able to do some hikes and got to check out the Angles Landing Hike. While less than a five mile hike, it was along some step cliffs and required some climbing. The views were amazing. I took about 1300 pictures over the weekend and here are some highlights.


Angels Landing: Taken from the peak looking down on the Virgin River below… there was a cliff right behind me that would take me directly to the river.




Zion National Park: This is a picture looking south toward the entrance of the park.




Lizard: Or are these things called geckos. This little guy was following us on our way up to Angels Landing.




Flowers: What would a hike be without a few spring-time flowers.




Squirrel: This bushy guy was also one the trails. He was pretty friendly.




Mountains: Cool picture, I used a German filter on this to get the colors like they are.




The whole weekend was amazing and I had a great time. Many more trips are going to happen over the summer. If you are having any difficulties seeing the pictures, feel free to check out my blog at www.khanfire.com/blog


Have a great day!


Farook Khan

#027 – Las Vegas

Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 10:18 am


Las Vegas! Last weekend was the last week of school and I finished up all my finals and then went to Las Vegas for the weekend. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday and to get out of Utah.


We stayed at Mandalay Bay and had a great room. We enjoyed the eleven acres of pools and got really tan. Went to a Cirque Du Soleil show called Ka’. It was amazing and would highly recommend it to anyone. There were people flying all over the place and the stage could basically rotate in an direction imaginable.


The food was amazing. On Saturday night we ate at Aureole at Mandalay Bay. (Check out their website at www.aureolelv.com) The restaurant features a Wine Tower that is fouty-two feet tall. Vegas also has many buffets and other fine dining venues.


Las Vegas was a blast! Here are some pictures:


The Strip: The view from Mandalay Bay was amazing. Off to the left you can see a whole bunch of cranes. They are building an eight billion dollar complex called the City Center.




Mandalay Pools: This is a look at all the pools from our room. That big one at the top is a fun wave pool with a sand beach.




Our Penthouse Suite: This is the front room with a sixty inch plasma television to the right which you cannot see. Off to the left is the dining room and also a kitchen. The room also had a huge jetted tub along with a steam room.




Hoover Dam: The dam tour was really cool. We got to go inside all the tunnels and I took tons of pictures.




After spending a few days in Vegas we made our way to southern Utah. Check out those pictures in #028 – Zions National Park. If you can’t see any of the pictures in the email, check out my blog at www.khanfire.com/blog


Farook Khan

#026 – Spring Continued

Sunday, 13 April 2008, 9:03 pm


Hopefully you got the first email. I have just a few more really cool pictures to share that I have taken. Almost all of the flower pictures were taken at Red Butte Gardens. Some of the other ones were taken while walking around Salt Lake City.


Two of the pictures are from the last storm that came to Salt Lake. Notice the cool picture with the bee. That was taken in the front yard.













Flower with Bee – This picture is very cool. I hope to get a few more like this.





Hope your enjoying the spring!


Farook Khan



#025 – Spring

Sunday, 13 April 2008, 9:02 pm


Spring! Winter is finally leaving and the flowers and greenery are coming back to Utah. The last day of school is Tuesday and then I’ll be done with finals a few days later. I have taken a few pictures and hope that you like them.


Equipment – I currently have three lenses and looking at getting one or two more over the summer.




Dinner – Another exciting dinner. Barbecued chicken and shrimp with rice and vegetables.




Utah State Capital – This image was taken from the east looking west during Sunset.




Jake – A great picture of Jake sitting in the back of the truck. We like our walks.




Utah State Capital – Black and White… this picture is facing South. It looked cool.




Breakfast Waffles – Some homemade waffles with fruits and homemade whipped cream on top. It was delicious. Notice the home roasted pecans.




Early Spring Flowers – These are the flowers are in the front yard. You’ll see many more of them.




Industrial Salt Lake City – This is a picture I took while going on a walk. It made it monochrome and it looks really cool. That is where I will be working for the next few years.




Look for the second email.


Farook Khan