#029 – Model Railroading


Sunday, 15 June 2008, 11:35 pm

Happy Father’s Day! I have been having a great time over the last few weeks. I went home last weekend (to California) and was able to visit with my family and captures some great pictures of my niece Keilani. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to get back into model railroading and had fun setting up a small layout to play on. The plants in the front yard of the house are just amazing and thought I should share some pictures.

Keilani – This is a great picture of my niece. The lighting was great for this picture because the sun was going down in the background. She was actually running around the yard and her hair was trailing behind her making for some great pictures.

Model Railroading – This is my new GP-40 Union Pacific engine. I bough some track and had fun playing with my new n-scale layout.

Water Droplets – I have always loved photographs of flowers with water droplets on them. I figured it was time that I captured some of this pictures for myself. I think I might turn this one into a post card or something.

Colors – This flower has some great color to it. We have planted quite a few flowers in the front yard, each one of them with some great colors to them. I will have to send some more pictures out soon.

I have all the flower names written down somewhere, if you really want to know what they are called, just ask me and I will pull out their names.

Hope that you had a great weekend!

Farook Khan