Remodel: Pergola & Fence

Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 9:54pm

By the 28 of May 2009, the fence was completely installed and the contractor came and “stained” or colored the fence. The color of the fence ties in really well the rest of the colors and especially the house. When I came home from work the front two pergolas were substantially finished and really made the front of the house look great. The new windows on the front of the house really looked better too.

Here are the pictures that I took on 28 May 2009:

Farook Khan

Remodel: Fence, Paint, & Wood

Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 9:45pm

Toward the end of May the house was starting to materialize. The fence was close to being completely installed and we had the dilemma of finalizing the color of the house. We spent a few hours driving around different neighborhoods looking for paint on homes that we liked. We went for a drive with our contractor to look at some of the homes they had done and ended up choosing the color clay-stone-grey. It turned out the be the perfect color. When I came home from work, they had started framing out the front pergolas.

Pictures from 26 May 2009:

Farook Khan

Remodel: Cleaning Out The Backyard

Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 9:13pm

One of the main goals of the remodel was to turn the backyard into an outdoor living area. Part of making it a better area we got rid of the fence and cleared out all the different layers of concrete, brick and wood that made up the backyard. Once they took the old wood fence down it was amazing to think of how much larger the property felt. Our contractor also went through and cleared out everything so we would basically have a clean slate to start construction.

All these pictures below were taken on 11 May 2009:









Farook Khan

Remodel: Re-sheeting Exterior (7-May-09)

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 9:54am

Another day went by and they were able to re-sheet most of the exterior of the house. Most of the backside of the house is newer and the sheeting of that went much smoother. You can see some of the early pictures of the backyard. It has come a long way since these pictures were taken. The old grass, brick and fence can all be seen in the backyard.







Farook Khan

Starting of the Porch

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 9:33pm

Everyday after I came home from work, I would grab the camera and walk around the house photographing each and every little step of progress that was made during that day. It was always exciting to come home and never really know what would be completed. The two pictures below show the first steps that were being made to build the front porch. We had some difficulties working with the City and getting our plans approved because of the property offset from the front. If you look at one of the pictures, all the houses on our street basically violate that city offset and we were denied. We were able to get away with using a cantilever support that doesn’t have columns that are directly attached to the house.



Farook Khan