Flying Over Salt Lake at Night

Thursday, 5 November 2009, 5:00am

A few weeks ago we were able to go flying with some friends. Our friend Mark is a pilot and has access to airplanes. We decided to go flying and also grab some dinner by flying to the Ogden Airport and have dinner at Rickenbacker’s Bistro & Restaurant. We were able to fly in, park the airplane outside the restaurant and walk in. It was really fun. It reminds me of growing up and my grandmother would fly into the old NutTree Airport in Vacaville. I took about 1500 pictures and most of them were damaged because my CF card became corrupted. Here are some pictures that survived the flight.


I think this is a really cool photograph of us landing at the Salt Lake International Airport. Our little Cessna airplane uses the same runway as the huge jetliners that come and go from the airport. After flying over and seeing some of the other airports in Utah, the Salt Lake airport looked like the Vegas Strip will all the lights.


We were able to circle over Salt Lake a few times. I was able to get some good pictures of the Salt Lake Temple all lit up. I was actually trying to get some shots of the City Creek Project. You can see Tower 1 on Block 76 all lit up and some of the other buildings that are rising in downtown Salt Lake. It looked really beautiful at night. It was also much better in person. Eventually my photographs will catch up.







Farook Khan

Jackson Wyoming Trip

Sunday, 1 November 2009, 8:00am

A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Jackson, Wyoming. It was a fun trip and we were able to get away from the hot summer of Salt Lake and enjoy the cooler weather of the mountains.

We went Kayaking on Jenny Lake and I took a video with my iPhone. I need to start taking some more videos and posting them online. I figured I could hit two birds with one stone and posted the video to Facebook.

The trip was really fun. Mark and Jeff came along and we stayed at the Terra Hotel just outside of Jackson. We were able to spend some time in the city and get a few drinks at the Million Dollar Cowboy. Charlie picked up a shirt and a hoodie. We took the tram to the top of the mountains and were able to get some great views of the valley below. Jackson is a fantastic weekend getaway that is really close and offers lots of attractions. Maybe next time we’ll get to do some horseback riding or go further into the park.






Some black and white photographs that I took of the mountains. Most of them were edited with a red-filter which really makes the mountains and the clouds punch. I need to double check my settings, but it appears that I probably had my ISO setting too high because some of the pictures look like they have too much grain.






Farook Khan