U2 360 Concert

Friday, 27 May 2011, 9:59pm

U2 360 Concert! After being delayed one year we were able to experience the U2 Concert at the Rice Eccles Stadium up at the University of Utah. I actually saw the show when it was broadcast live from Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl in 2009 but it was definitely worth seeing in person. The concert was amazing and the stage, video and music were fantastic. I’ve included some snapshots (they don’t qualify to be photographs) from the concert. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga Concert

Sunday, 20 March 2011, 9pm

Lady Gaga Concert! The concert was fantastic and we all had a great time. Lucky we got tickets pretty early and were able to get front row seats. They were great and provided a great view of the whole show. The Scissor Sisters opened the show with a few songs. I managed to snap a few pictures and a fun video of the opening sequence before Lady Gaga actually showed up on stage. Enjoy.



Video and pictures were shot with a Canon S95.